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> The policy of luggage

Since, we provide all sorts of car services, be it Sedans or SUVs, we make sure to accommodate maximum people in one car service. Sedans and Luxury Sedans have the capacity to accommodate up to 4 passengers. The luggage should be the 3 standard size pieces. When it comes to SUV, one can accommodate up to 6 passengers and the luggage should be 6 standard size pieces.  

>The policy of Credit Card

You may pay through your credit card for the trip but there are certain conditions of our car service. If you are using your credit card for the payment, then you must supply the credit card number in advance for the process o pre-approval. Once you have reserved with your credit card, there will be a preliminary hold of about 150% of the quoted charges that will be placed on the credit card to secure the total including the waiting time, tolls, gratuity and additional stops. Once the payment is processed, either at the end of the trip or about 3-5 business days after the trip, the hold will be released.  

>The policy of cancellation

It is very important to cancel the trip within an allotted time otherwise you may be fined and a fee will be charged to your credit card. If you want to evade the cancellation fees, you must notify the representative at customer care at least 3 hours before the pickup service in New York City 5 Boroughs including airports and at least 6 hours before in Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey including Newark Airport.   For cancellation, you can mail at Or call at :+1-203-518-8080  

>No Show

If you are not available at the pickup location and your name has been reserved with the WC Car Service and if the driver is not able to get into contact with you because of your unavailability then, it will be considered as a no-show and the service will be abandoned. If we are left without any prior notification, it may lead to a n-show charge, that is, full fare.  


WC Car Service will not hold itself responsible for any of the damages that are sustained by the customers. We are not responsible for any of the inconvenience or delayed service. We advise you to get in touch with your airline during peak hours for the confirmation of its departure time. If the passenger makes a reservation less than 12 hours before the desired time, he/she must contact us for availability. Call on :+1-203-518-8080  

>Privacy Policy

We, at WC Car Service, assure you the protection of privacy. Your personal information is strictly used for reservation purposes. We may update you with certain new insights to the website, about the upcoming services provided and also some special offers. Later, you also have the opportunity to decline any such offerings. WC Car Service does not leak any of your private information. We use all modern technologies like encryption, firewalls to protect the privacy of your personal information and thus, prevent any sort of an improper use.  

All transactions are accepted in US dollars.

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