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In a life of haste, it is extremely important to have a comfortable and secure ride to your desired location. Newark Airport is one of the busiest of the airports and it is advisable to secure your ride a day prior to the scheduled date. This will save you from a lot many hassles and problems in future. Since, most of the people, nowadays, travel in cars, it is quite possible that you may lose out on your opportunity of procuring a car service for yourself. If you are all ready to travel in comfort and have all in all a cushy journey, then, you are just at the right place. WC Car Service will make sure to provide you with first class facilities of transportation and an inexplicably beautiful ride.


There is no doubt that we all have our own choices when it comes to choosing the perfect ride for oneself. We, thus, provide a variety of well maintained luxury vehicles to select from. Our team of professionals works hard to ensure the best working condition of the automobile for your safety and concern. They keep a check on the quality of the automobile and also, the proper management of the services that are provided.


There are times when you get stuck somewhere, or the flight is delayed or is early, you may not feel agitated and stressed because we have a flight tracking software which we have provided to our drivers. This software displays the overall situation of your flight and he (the driver) is, in return, able to make the necessary amendments so that you are not left there waiting with your luggage. We provide all the possible facilities to ensure a safe and sound travel of our clients to and fro from the airport.


WC Car Service makes sure to provide you with well trained drivers who are all ready to work for you and to make your feel at ease whenever you travel with them. They are well informed about the terms and conditions of WC Car Service and work accordingly. They have an accurate idea of the map and thus, the roads that connect each other. They are well versed and know how to respect the privacy of their customers. We assure you a journey of rich and high quality.


Here's to many more secure rides for all of you by WC Car Service!

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