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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q.1) Where can we possibly make a reservation with WC Car Service?

Ans. You can make reservations on info@westchestercarservice.us Or, you can even call us and reserve your name at Another easy way to get in touch with us is by clicking  

Q.2) When is the ideal time for making a reservation?

Ans. It is advised to reserve 12 hour prior to your journey for a comfortable, safe and secure ride.  

Q.3) Are payments through credit cards accepted?

Ans. Yes, credit cards are acceptable. It is expected from you to share your credit card number in advance for pre-approval purposes.  

Q.4) Are check payments accepted?

Ans. No, we do not provide check payments as of now.  

Q.5) Will I receive a message concerning my car's arrival?

Ans. Yes, we do call all our clients on the shared numbers upon the car's arrival but there are times when this service sees a delay because of the heavy call volume acts.  

Q.6) When is the ideal time for making a reservation for the pickup from the airport?

Ans. It is advisable to make all pickup reservations upon the time of the landing, beforehand. If you have a particular time for your pickup then, you can reserve for that particular time and we will send the car accordingly. However, reservations done upon landing are usually successful only after checking the availability with us. The pickup time is usually 5-10 minutes.  

Q.7) Will I receive a receipt for the payment of cash?

Ans. Yes, we will hand over a receipt to you at the end of your ride. If, in any case, you do forget to take the receipt, you can contact us and we will get it faxed or mailed for you.  

Q.8) What are the charges for the waiting time at WC Car Service?

Ans. The charge imposed on the time of waiting is at an hourly rate and at a 15 minute increment upon the late arrival of the passenger. An extra charge for the time spent on additional spots, or after expiration of complimentary waiting time for round-ups.

Q.9) Are there any additional charges if the flight gets delayed?

Ans. No, no additional charges will be applied on waiting if the flight gets delayed. If, in case, your flight is on but you are not able to find the driver, WC Car Service offers a grace of 30 minutes on domestic flights and 45 minutes on international flights.  

Q.10) Which car is suitable for more than four passengers or large sized luggage?

Ans. When it comes to Sedans and Luxury Sedans, we have a capacity of 4 passengers and 3 luggage bags. And, for SUVs, it is 6 passengers and 6 standard luggage bags.  

Q.11) How shall I find my lost item?

Ans. We are not responsible for any lost items. However, if you think that you have lost your item well on time then, you can call the office then and there. And, you can pick it from us or if you are ready to incur the charges for the delivery, we may deliver it at any of your desired location.  

Q.12) Is tip included in the fare or is there any tip percentage?

Ans. We recommend a 20% tip on Sedan, Luxury Sedan, SUV, Mini-Van, a 9 passenger-van, a 13 passenger-van and stretch Limousine.  

Q.13) Are the charges of the toll included in the fare?

Ans. All the toll charges are of the customer's. The driver will let you know where exactly do you need to pay, once you arrive at your destination.  

Q.14) How much is the parking charge with respect to the airport meet-and-greet?

Ans. The expected parking charge is of $3 to $20 for the airport meet-and-greet.

Note: Any cancellations done after the specified time will be fined.

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